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Shelter Data Reporting

Because Numbers Lead to Knowledge

We actively encourage shelters to report their intake and release data in the Shelter Animals Count national database in support of data-driven decisions that promote animal wellbeing and prevent homelessness.  By participating, your shelter will gain access to a wealth of helpful information and data on national and local trends, while enabling researchers to perform analysis that strengthens the knowledge base for animal welfare.

Image by Lloyd Henneman

Achieve a 90-percent Shelter Animal Save Rate

Ending needless animal euthanasia in Oklahoma by 2025

Our work is cut out for us. Oklahoma ranks 8th in the U.S. for animal euthanasia, resulting in the deaths of more than 18,000 cats and dogs and a save rate of only 73-percent in 2019. On the bright side, some 35 shelters in Oklahoma are at the 90-percent threshold, and many others are committed to reaching that number. Common Bonds is celebrating those successes and commitments to inspire other communities to save more animal lives.

Two Dogs

Common Bonds Certified Communities

Celebrating animal welfare success

Our certified communities program is born out of the idea that where animals are thriving, so are communities. We recognize communities for reporting their shelter data, committing to a 90-percent live release rate, and other positive steps forward, such as when a town or city changes the name of its animal care services to better reflect on the work of animal welfare professionals. Hopefully we will be coming to a town or city near you soon.

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Capacity-building for Spay Neuter

The key to reducing shelter intake

Through this initiative, Common Bonds is working to identify the capacity for affordable and accessible spay neuter services in Oklahoma, connecting needs with opportunities and resources.

Our Work: Our Work
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